The KonMari method

At Hello Organised, we specialise in the proven KonMari™ method to get you organised. Having trained with Marie Kondo in London, our founder Sharon is a KonMari™ Certified Consultant.

The KonMari™ method is rooted in a single question: ‘Does this item spark joy?’ This practical and sustainable concept has gained a global cult following, inspiring people worldwide to simplify their spaces.

Marie Kondo has since been listed as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people, and the KonMari™ method has featured in global press.

We’ll work together through any or all of the five categories – clothes, books, papers & stationery, komono (kitchen, bathroom & miscellaneous) and sentimental items.

If an item sparks joy, we’ll tidy it and find the perfect spot to give it a home. If not, we’ll upcycle, recycle or consciously discard the item with thanks. Together, we focus on what to keep, rather than what to discard.

The process is all in your hands, facilitated by our founder Sharon who shares the tidying process with the respect, empathy and fun it deserves.

Hello Organised - KonMari method
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