What our clients say


“Working with Sharon made the whole process of decluttering easier. I was overwhelmed with how much stuff I had, but Sharon made it easy to break down the steps and encouraged me to stay focussed on the end result. I appreciated the individualised service, and felt listened to and respected, which is important when working with someone in your own home.”

“I felt a renewed energy after completing the process. I now have the confidence that I can find what I want, when I need it. The process gave new life to my belongings, and I’m proud to show my family and friends the results. I would highly recommend Hello Organised!”



“I have completed a few sessions with Sharon and already feel a positive difference in my home. I didn't know where to start, and the lessons with Sharon have shown me how to declutter and tidy, and identify what sparks joy for me. My belongings and home were treated respectfully by Sharon and the team at Hello Organised. I feel thankful for what I have, and have found a way to pass on what no longer serves me.”

“Hello Organised helped me discover a renewed appreciation for what I have. The KonMari™ method was easy to learn and will change the way I store and organise my stuff. It’s about a more efficient way to live, with minimal effort and an eco-conscious focus. I’m more mindful about what I buy now and what actually sparks joy for me. Thanks Sharon - you’ve changed my perspective!”